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Homeworld 8

Albionese spoken here

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Diana Wynne Jones Community
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All books by Diana Wynne Jones
This community was set up in 2002 for Diana Wynne Jones fans to discuss her books. It's fallen into disuse and isn't actively used anymore but has been left up for anyone who wants to reread old posts.

This following is the old profile info.

This community is for lovers of Diana Wynne Jones' books - most of which are listed in the Interests section. If you laughed yourself silly over the Tough Guide, or found yourself dreaming of dressing-gowned, nine-lifed Enchanters, or even sniffling over The Homeward Bounders, and charmed by Howl and his blue and silver suit, then you should probably post here demanding to know what the Obah Cypt is.

Please feel free to post any Jonesian questions - like "Who was Luke?", or "Who understands the end of Fire & Hemlock? Or post your personal color code - are you a red haired, golden eyed girl heiress-in-hiding with a tendency to have a bad temper and an odd talent for magic who happens to be journeying with a loveable rogue and a tall austere stranger who seems to hide a pointy hat in his saddle bags?

Click for the exhaustive list of Diana Wynne Jones' published novels and short stories.

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